Recycling Disposable Vapes – All you need to know!

1.3 million Disposable Vapes a week being thrown away!

That’s right 1.3 million disposable vape pens a week, that’s not a typo that’s official figures from the UK Government. The huge popularity of disposable vapes now means we have a responsibility to be sensible when disposing of them.

Disposable vapes contain lithium, a vital component in electrical car batteries to name one alternative use, recycling disposables would help save precious resources diminishing to the point of being lost forever, its estimated we lose 10 tonnes of lithium each year just because we do not dispose of disposable vapes in the correct manner, to put that into perspective that’s enough to make 1,200 electric vehicles!

So how can we recycle disposable vapes and non-disposable vapes safely?

Firstly its important to know, do not just throw away disposable vapes or any vapes with batteries into the general waste bin, they will end up in landfill and the lithium from the batteries will eventually seep into the ground and can cause ground destabilisation, biodiversity loss, increased salinity of rivers, contaminated soil and toxic waste.

The first thing to check is, can the battery(s) be removed from the vape kit? Disposable vapes may be harder depending on the brand, but regular non-disposable vape kits are a little easier. If so, then remove the battery(s) being careful not to expose the raw uncoated battery to metal (i.e. screwdriver) as touching metal to the uncoated outer of the battery can cause a spark and in some cases can cause explosion. If the battery can be removed safely then bag them and take to your nearest recycling centre, the remaining components can be bagged and recycled as normal either with your electrical recycling collection or at the local recycle centre. If you do not know where your local recycle centre is then please use the search button below to find your nearest location.

The nearest recycle centres to our vape shop in Peterborough are:

Fengate Household Recycling Centre, Dodson House, Fengate, Peterborough, PE1 5XG - 2 miles away.

Whittlesey Recycling CentreLattersey, North East Cambridgeshire, PE7 1SZ - 4.4 miles away.

If you are in doubt about recycling then please feel free to email us at sending us your enquiry along with contact phone number with the words RECYCLE in the subject box, and one of our team will be in touch.

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