Vape Myst Peterborough | COVID-19 | Vape Shop News

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Vape Myst Peterborough | COVID-19 | Vape Shop News

Well, COVID-19 is in full swing, at the time of writing this we are 6 weeks into the lockdown, doesn't time fly! Our Vape Shop in Peterborough has been temporarily closed for this time too, as you may have already seen on our social media accounts Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. But that hasn't stopped us! Oh No, we reacted quickly in offering Free Local Contactless Deliveries in and around the Peterborough area, as well updating & upgrading our website, more on the website in another blog coming soon :)

Going forward, we will be featuring lots of blog content, with tips, advice, new products and much more, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and get involved :)

Take Care, See you Soon....

Vape Myst Peterborough

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